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Solar 70 LED Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Garden Path Street Wall Lamp

SUPER BRIGHT 70 LED SOLAR LIGHTS: 70 LED Design offers super bright lighting for a wide area 50 square meters and strong 1100lm. Much brighter than other similar solar lights in the market.

WALK BY, LIGHTS ON: The sensitive motion sensor detects motion from 5m up to 8m away.the detection angle is up to 120. Even your little pets, like dogs, cats can active the solar light sensor.

LONG WORKING TIME & ENERGY SAVING: Absorb sunlight for a few hours in daytime and it can light throughout the night. The light lasts for 8 hours in steady mode if fully charged.

(NEW UPGRAE) FIVE OPTIONAL MODES:Different place in your home maybe needs different modes.please choose the perfect mode according to your needs.

• 1st Mode: High light when people come, turns to dim light after people leave 15 seconds.

• 2nd Mode: Turns to high light when people come, light off after people leave 15 seconds.

• 3rd Mode: The solar light will light on after nightfall and turn off after 3 hours.

• 4th Mode: Light on automatically when night comes and turn into 2th Mode after 3 hours.

• 5th Mode: The solar light will turn off after 1 hour highlight.

REMOTE CONTROL:You can use the remote control to switch the mode you want. it is very convenient for you.

EASY TO INSTALL: Super easy to setup and install, add the needed light source for your house without the added expense and trouble of installing electrical wire.

【WARRANTY】6month Warranty With 1 to 1 exchange.

Replacement subject to factory defects only and does not cover damages caused by misuse or abuse, dropped unit, submersion in water (flooding), fire, lightning, vandalism, accidents, human error or force majeure.

Customer have to arrange and ship back to us to verify before any replacement. If the unit is found factory defects the shipping fees for the replacement unit will be born by us.

(Customer need to keep all boxes and invoices for any future warranty claim - Invoice will be ship together with the product)

Battery Life not included in Warranty coverage.


Brand new and high quality!

Solar panels: 5.5V 3.4W PET laminate

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery: 3.2V 2000MAH (New Technology For Longer and Lasting Battery Life)

LED Specifications: 70 SMD2835 28-30 lumens Taiwan wafer

Working mode: induction + light / induction + off / always bright

Mode switching: remote switching

Luminous flux: 1100LM

Input power: 10W

Sensor : Radar Type

Sensing distance: 5-8M

Sensing angle: 120 °

Shell material: Aluminum blasting + anodized

Size: Light (22cm Length x 12 cm Width) Wall Mount Extention 20cm + 20 cm.

Waterproof rating: IP65

Suitable for the scene: hotel lighting, courtyard lighting, street lighting and so on

Color: White Light

Lithium Ion vs Lithium Iron Batteries

A lithium-ion battery (a.k.a Li-ion) is rechargeable kind of battery with lithium cobalt dioxide (LiCoO2) or lithium manganese oxide (LiMn2O4) as a cathode. On the other hand, a lithium-iron battery is also a rechargeable type of battery but made with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material. Generally, anodes are made up of carbon in both batteries. Actually lithium-iron is a newer version in the lithium battery family.

The low discharge rate in idle state and high energy density make lithium batteries suitable for consumer electronics devices such as laptops, cameras, portable DVD players, etc. These days these batteries are also finding good applications in electric vehicles and military appliances.

Comparison of the two for the following parameters is given below.


Performance is a major criteria to choose a suitable battery for an application. Long life, slow discharge rate and less weight should be basic features of a daily use battery. Lithium iron batteries are slightly heavier and more bulky in size than Lithium ion batteries. For this reason Li-iron is more commonly used for portable devices. The discharge rate of a Li-ion battery keeps increasing over the time as compared to Li-iron. But a brand new Li-ion battery has more energy density than a Lithium-iron battery and thus delivers better performance for a few initial days.

Durability, Reliability, and Cost Effectiveness

Battery life is defined by the number of charge/discharge cycles a battery can survive. Li-iron is more durable than Li-ion as the former lasts for around 2000 charge/discharge cycles while the later survives up to 1000 cycles. When not in use, a battery should not lose its charge at a faster rate. It should deliver almost same performance if using after a year or so. This so called shelf life is around 350 days for lithium-iron and about 300 days for a lithium-ion battery. Cobalt is more expensive than the iron and phosphate used in Li-iron.

Package included:

1x Light body

2x Struts

2x Rubber stopper

2x Screw nuts

2x Screws

1x Remote control

1x User manual