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16 Tips Smart Swab Soft Spiral Ear Cleaner

RM 30.00

It’s simply the best way to clean your ears. You simply place in your ear, twist and remove your ear wax. … it’s that easy. Typical cotton swabs go too far… Smart Swabs soft spiral grooved tip is designed to extract wax with a simple twist. And with our disposable touch-free replacement tips, it’s never been easier to clean your ears.



  • Includes 1 swab handle, 16 disposable tips and a carrying case
  • Extracts more ear wax than cotton swabs without risking ear damage or pushing wax farther into canal
  • Soft flexible ear swabs are gentle, safe, and incredibly effective at ear wax removal
  • Clean ear wax in seconds by placing swab into ear, twisting in the direction of arrow while removing
  • Smart Swab is the best ear cleaning tool designed to keep your ears feeling clean and ear wax free
  • 100% brand new and high-quality made.
  • Extract ear wax with ease using the Smart Ear Wax Removal Swab
  • Soft, spiraled, and grooved head collects more wax than a regular cotton swab
  • it is the new and innovative ear swab. It’s the best way to clean your ear comfortably and safely. 
  • Just place it in your ear and twist to remove your earwax.
  • Prevents earwax buildup
  • Touch-free tip replacement
  • Disposable tips
  • The secret is the spiral grooved tip that is designed to extract earwax with a simple twist
  • Simply insert & twist in the direction of the arrow
  • Effectively to remove ear wax, give your ear a better massage.
  • Easy to use and convenient to clean.



  • Material:Plastic/silicone
  • Size(LxWxH): 1.5cm x 1.5cm x 10cm(Not included disposable tips size)
  • 16 disposable soft tips
  • Free 1 Storage case


Package Includes:

  • 1 small swab handle
  • 16 disposable soft tips
  • Storage case